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  1. Mar 01,  · Kicking off with the story of the original “soccer czar,” Sir Henry Norris, who bulldozed through opposition to move Woolwich Arsenal to north London, Jon Spurling's all-encompassing history of Arsenal's time at Highbury features testimony from a myriad of sources—from the peanut sellers, turnstile operators, local publicans and fans, through the Reviews:
  2. Used, Arsenal FC Official Football Gift Boys Crest. Arsenal fc official football gift boys crest polo. Arsenal highbury shirt purchased only worn 2_3 times to games labels removed as they were itchy according to the previous owner.
  3. The 'Highbury' is covered in all things Arsenal. The place is cosy and comfortable, set up perfectly for watching football games. 'Highbury' is owned by a .
  4. Number 14 holds up number 14 Arsenal loves the FA Cup, but boy does the FA read more. Source: Arsenal Arsenal Published on By RockyLives. 23 hours ago. AFC v Chelsea FA Cup Final – I’ll settle for the result in The HIGHBURY LIBRARY Proudly powered by .
  5. Arsenal Stadium, known almost universally by its original name of Highbury, was the Club’s home from until It was Henry Norris who decided to move the Club from The Manor Ground in Plumstead to North London. Norris took over at Woolwich Arsenal while still chairman at Fulham in His initial plan was to merge Fulham and Woolwich Arsenal, but the .
  6. Oct 01,  · Arsenal went a different route. Embedded at Highbury throughout their incredibly successful history, starting in , the Gunners did the un-English-powerhouse thing and moved.
  7. Jul 10,  · The Arsenal North BAnk started at the front behind the goal and gradually got bigger moving backwards up the terrace. In /67 Glasgow Rangers came down for a pre season friendly and got behind the Arsenal firm and caused a riot. It was following this that the Arsenal firm then moved to the back and occupied the complete area underneath the roof.

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